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7-Steps to Six-Figure Sales Workshop 🚀

My EXACT Blueprint for Coaches & Freelancers

😟 Signs that You are Struggling to Sell:

Not getting the right leads?
Wasting time on no-show calls?
Being ghosted by prospects?
Endless follow-ups with no results?

😍 When You Sell with Confidence:

✅ Clients eager to work with you
✅ Closing high-ticket deals on your terms
✅ Selling with confidence
✅ Attracting the perfect inbound leads
✅ Nailing every discovery call

Here's how ⬇

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29th June at 7:30 PM IST

+ Get a bonus worth ₹4997 absolutely free

(Note: FREE BONUS valid only for the first 50 registrations)


Clients in freelancing


People mentored & coached


Sales deals closed


Years of exp. in Sales


Hi, I'm Manish!

Some companies I have closed deals with


⬇️ I’ve designed a 90-minute LIVE masterclass for you to learn my 7-step process to achieve six-figure as a freelancer & sales coach.
Here is exactly what you will get ⬇️

3 mindset hacks I applied to set myself up for success with confidence. 

3-step framework to position yourself so that there is no competition for you.


5 proven inbound lead generation tricks to generate warm leads.


5 questions to identify high-converting leads.


✅ 5 secrets to drive 80% more outbound leads.

4 neuroscience-based tools and frameworks to close high-ticket deals and win negotiations.

✅ 3 upselling strategies to never run out of business your existing clients.

+ Get a bonus worth ₹4997 absolutely free

(Note: FREE BONUS valid only for the first 50 registrations)


🚀 BONUS 1: 30+ Ready-to-Use Social Media Post Templates (Worth INR 1999/-)

Get started immediately with these easy-to-use templates. Use them to sell through stories, launch services, and access 50+ high-converting hooks that turn strangers into potential clients from day one.

🚀 BONUS 2: 25+ Proven ChatGPT Prompts for Freelancers & Coaches (Worth INR 1599/-)

Boost your productivity with these tested prompts designed to make your work 10X easier and faster. Perfect for freelancers and coaches to streamline their tasks.

🚀 BONUS 3: The Ultimate Sales Toolkit (Worth INR 1399-)
📑 7+ High-Converting Sales Templates to instantly attract high-value clients and triple your current rates!

ICP Template: Laser-focus on your ideal clients.

Cold Outreach Emails: 11 formulas & 15+ quick-edit scripts.

Work Proposal Framework: Impress without calls.

Discovery Call & Objection Handling: Master client calls and close more deals.

Client Screening Tips: Avoid red flag clients and save time.

+ More Free Scripts: Close deals with 80% of your prospects.

+ Get a bonus worth ₹4997 absolutely free

(Note: FREE BONUS valid only for the first 50 registrations)

Please don't register if:

❌ You are looking to just generate RANDOM, unqualified leads

❌ You DON’T have any core service or offer

❌ You have NEVER worked with any clients so far

❌ You are looking for a QUICK money-making scheme

Here is how other freelancers got impacted ⬇

anjali shaw - affliliate marketeer.jpeg

Affiliate Marketeer

Aditi Roy .jpg

Aditi, content writer & SMM

akshaya .jpg

Life & Wellness Coach

apporva - bank sales (relaionship manager).jpeg
Galaxy sharma-SMM.jpeg

Social Media Manager

gayatri- business and mental health coach.jpeg

Business & Mental Health Coach

+ Get a bonus worth ₹4997 absolutely free

(Note: FREE BONUS valid only for the first 50 registrations)


My Freelancing Journey — I started from 0 and scaled up to six figures and more in less than 1.5 years 🚀


Quit my high-paying 50 lacs per annum job


Hit my first 1 lakh per month income


Hit 100 clients and built a 2 lacs/month income


Got my first consulting client and coaching assignment


Hit 50 plus clients and 1.5 lacs per month income


Served over 150 clients & consistently hit 2.5-3 lacs income.

  • Module 0: Introduction
    Find out why our course is unique and why it's a smart choice for your sales career.
  • Module 1: Sales Mindset
    1. What is sales mindset and why it is so important? 2. Sales mindset blocks and how to unblock them. 3. Busting some sales mindset myths.
  • Module 2: All About Customers
    1. Who is a customer? 2. Understanding ICP and its importance. 3. How to build an ICP?
  • Module 3: Buyer Psychology & Product vs Offers
    1. Understanding Buyer Psychology 2. Buyer Cycle -KLT 3. Product Vs Offer 4. Example of how to build an offer
  • Module 4: Prospecting
    1. What is prospecting and why it is key to sales success? 2. Types of prospecting methods. 3. Channels and tools for prospecting and how to use them? 4. A system for capturing any lead.
  • Module 5: Ace Your First Call with Prospects
    1. How to plan for the first call with your customers. 2. Do's for the first call. 3. Don'ts for the first call.
  • Module 6: Pitching Solutions to Clients
    1. Why it is important to qualify a prospect? 2. How to qualify a prospect? 3. Ways to classify a prospect. 4. How to make a proposal that closes? 5. Common mistakes to avoid in a proposal.
  • Module 7: Follow-ups That Move Sales
    1. Importance of follow-up. 2. How not to follow-up. 3. Best practices for an effective follow-up.
  • Module 8: Negotiations That Close
    1. Principles of successful negotiation. 2. Common mistakes made in negotiations. 3. A model to handle any objection. 4. How to handle an objection?
  • Module 9: Closing in Style
    1. Why closing is challenging for any salesperson. 2. Are you ready to close? 3. Techniques for closing and how and when to apply them 4. Bonus tips
  • Bonus module -1 Building long term relationships with client
    Why building a long-term client relationship is important? How to build a long-term relationship with a client? Mistakes to avoid.
  • Bonus Module - 2 Upselling for success
    What is upselling and why is it important? How to find an opportunity for upsell? Mistakes to avoid in upselling.
  • 13 downloadable resources you can use from day 1
    Your sales mindset assessment ICP Template Common cold call objections and how to answer them Sample LinkedIn DM template Sample introduction mail template Checklist on how to research customers before first call Checklist on first customer call questions Proposal qualification checklist Sample proposal template Sample follow up message template Sample follow up mail template Exact script on answering common client objections 25 sales closing hacks that work everywhere

Still have questions?

+ Get a bonus worth ₹4997 absolutely free

(Note: FREE BONUS valid only for the first 50 registrations)

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